Lab F15h

A software development lab focused on web design, web application development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security, and social engineering.

The Team

Shannon Duncan

Founder / Designer / Developer

Skills: Web Design & Development / TypeScript & Angular / Ionic / NodeJS & Electron / C#

Twitter: iamMrDuncan
Thomas Smith


Skills: Web Development / PHP / Bot Nets / Linux / Social Engineering / Ruby

Twitter: papacthulu

High Security Projects

We don't want to divulge too much information on what we do for our high security clients, as a lot of our projects are covered under NDA's and have complex and highly valuable algorithms behind them. We will highlight some top level descriptions of some projects we have worked on or are working on.

Source Code Analytics - Various statistics gathered and generated from certain source code repositories.
String Interpolation - Using string similarities and interpolation to generate useful data.
Product Comparisons - Using AI and Machine Learning we provide some deep analytics on product information and competitor relations.
Web Crawlers - We have certain web crawlers built to search for significant information.
Interlocking Encryption - Quantum resistant encryption. Nuff Said.
Angular One Page Applications - Coupled with real time backends, these apps provide mission critical performance.

Web Design Projects

Coming Soon...


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